Introducing our new Double IPA

We're pleased to introduce Fuzeta, our new Double IPA. Fuzeta has a big fruity and floral hop aroma, a big tropical and citrus flavor, firm bitterness, all held together with a light malt presence.

The DIPA's that we enjoy most are those where the heavy malt sweetness doesn't get in the way of drinkability and that's what we set out with Fuzeta. For a strong beer it's quite easy drinking, with the 9% ABV hidden away. It's not a beer made for sipping -- it's rather light for a DIPA but without sacrificing body.

Why Fuzeta?

Fuzeta is named for the island in the Algarve, whose warm water activities makes the perfect pairing for this daring beer.

Appearance: honey-gold with a creamy head.

Flavor: Pineapple, mango, orange rind, light malt, medium bodied, bitter finish.

Brewer's Notes

To make Fuzeta we load the mash tun up to the rim with malt -- any more and we'd have grain falling over the side. To get an extremely hop-forward flavor, we use a "hop bursting" technique where we add nearly all of the kettle hops right as we end the boil to preserve the aroma. Additionally, we dry hop the beer generously. All told, Fuzeta approaches 10 grams of hops per liter of beer.

Fuzeta is made with pale ale malt, light crystal, Warrior, Columbus, Citra, Galaxy hops, Lisbon water and an amazing Rambo-like yeast that eats through anything put in front of it.

Introducing our new Double IPA
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