The Brewery

A Brewery is a Place Where Beer is Made.

First and foremost, it's the place where brewers take malted barley, hops, water and yeast to make beer.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Beer

Our Mission is to make quality craft beer accessible and approachable for everyone. We want to lower the barriers for appreciating the world of beer in Portugal. Drink what you like! We'll always have something new to share.

Ingredients & Process. Having a wide portfolio of styles means going to greater lengths to find the most appropriate ingredients for the beer we're making. This sometimes means a lot of inconvience, planning ahead and additional cost, but it's something we won't compromise. Rich British malt for a stout. A fresh Belgian yeast for a saison. Fruity American hops for an IPA.

One Beer, One Brewery

All beer adorned with the Dois Corvos label is made in our brewery in Lisbon. Each recipe is our own creation, made from the ground up. Conversely, we only brew beer in our brewery that we're willing to stand behind with the Dois Corvos label. For us it's a small point of pride and part of the beer making tradition.

About the Brewery

Our production brewery consists of an 850 liter (7 barrel) brew house capable of making nearly any style of beer. We have 850 and 1700 liter fermentation tanks.

We designed and assembled much of the brewery ourselves with specific goals in mind to accentuate the type of beer we want to brew. For design of the mechanical systems, we had the help of many knowledgeable friends and colleagues, with equipment from Portugal, United States, Germany, England, Italy, Spain and overseas.

When we say our beer is handcrafted, we mean it. Every bag of malt and container of hops is mixed into the tank by hand, which is a labor intensive process, but puts us closer to the final product.

About the Company

Dois Corvos Cervejeira, Lda was founded by husband and wife team Susana Cascais and Scott Steffens in October 2013. At that time there were no breweries in Lisbon and they founded the company in hopes of sharing a new kind of beer culture with Lisbon and the rest of Portugal. Dois Corvos served its first beer June 2015.

Scott brewed his first beer in the mid-1990's, and came of age in Seattle, home of a rich and thriving beer scene. Susana spent 10 years in Seattle and worked with a regional craft brewery on the business side.

There's always something new

We call it Marvila Series. We're always brewing small batches of beer to try something new, to test new ingredients, use new techniques, or just to have fun. We release them as part of our Marvila Series to share some of our newest creations with others.

Special Releases & Experiments

Sometimes we'll make a beer to a traditional style but sometimes it's more fun to expand on that style. We'll offer special releases and experimental beers throughout the year.